Graph of Accident & Emergency Waiting Times

NHS Waiting Times

With waiting times in Accident and Emergency (A & E) departments hitting the news recently I thought a graph might give the bigger picture. The graph above shows the percentage of A & E patients seen within the 4 hour target. Please note:

  1. This only looks at the major “Type 1” A & E departments (Type 1 A & E depts are a consultant led 24 hour service with full resuscitation facilities & designated accommodation for the reception of A & E).
  2. The data for the graph came from the Guardian data blog here.
  3. Due to space limitations on vertical axis not every trust is labelled but every trust is shown by a coloured bar. To see the figures for every trust, check the spreadsheet used to create the graph which is here.
  4. The green bars are the trusts that meet the national target for 95 per cent or more of patients to be seen within 4 hours; the red bars are the ones that fail to meet the target.

I make no comment on whether Jeremy Hunt and the Coalition Government are doing a good job of running (ruining?) our NHS, as I will let the colours on the graph tell their own story, and then you can decide for yourself.


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