Three graphs that explain why Greens not classified as a ‘major party’

Ofcom recently announced that in the run up to the General Election UKIP would be classified as a ‘major party,’ but the Green Party would not.

The Greens are understandably unhappy about this. Any non mainstream political party wanting to make an impact would dearly love to have the media exposure that being classified as a ‘major party’ would give them.  But is their unhappiness with not being classified this way just politics, or is it based around any facts?

I’ve borrowed some graphs from the excellent Channel 4 FactCheck blog that might help demonstrate why Ofcom made the decision that they did.
Remember Ofcom look at opinion polling and the outcome of recent elections to base their decision.

Here is a graph of electoral performance of UKIP and the Greens in European elections.

Clearly UKIP outperformed the Greens.

Here we have a comparison of council election results for the two parties.
Again UKIP comprehensively outperformed the Greens.

Regardless of how well the Greens are doing in opinion polls it is clear they are nowhere near to UKIP in terms of results in actual elections.

And for those who will say at least they had an MP elected in 2010 this graph of vote share comparing the Greens and UKIP demonstrates they still had a much smaller share of the vote than UKIP in 2010.


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