The Temptations and The Supremes – (I Know) I’m Losing You

Back in the 1960s, when pop music was a relatively new thing, Motown were consistently ripping up the airwaves and dancefloors with quality pop music from a range boy bands, girl bands and solo artists. Looking back, it’s quite remarkable how many top quality artists were on the Motown label. We will probably not see its like ever again.

There were also some interesting collaborations of artists on the Motown label, and this live performance of I’m Losing You by The Supremes and the Temptations has to be one of the very best live collaborations.

There’s great singing. There’s fantastic clothes (check out the dresses on the Supremes and the short trousers on the Temptations). And there is some killer dancing (watch for the footwork of The Temptations in the background).

Great pop music is timeless, as this clip shows.


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