Poll of Polls now updated to 01-05-15 – Con lead by 0.5%

Poll of Polls - 010515The Poll of Polls has been updated. Some points to note:

  1. It includes polls up to and including 1 May.
  2. The last Poll of Polls had a 0.2% Labour lead and this week it is a 0.5% Conservative lead. Over the past five weeks of the main camapign Labour have always had a small lead, so this switch in lead could be significant. The switch is primary down to a number of polls with large(ish) leads for the Conservatives. Whether or not these are just outliers will be better know with next week”s polls – and also the only poll that matters.

If you want to download the spreadsheet that did this analysis go here. If you want to understand the methodology behind the “Poll of Polls” click here and scroll down to the bit that gives the description.


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