Spreadsheet to calculate which Labour Leadership candidate to vote for

I was intrigued by this blog post from Benjamin Studebaker that proposed a utility theory based model to help people to choose which candidate to go for in the Labour Leadership contest. So just for fun I knocked up a little spreadsheet to do the sums, using Studebaker’s model.

This is only really of interest for those people who are trying to balance off the competing factors of electability versus each candidate’s policy offer. If you have strong views on the candidates or the issues, the model is not really for you. But if you are undecided it is worth having a look at. Before playing with the model, I’d suggest you read Studebaker’s blog post here.

All you need to do is enter your own values in the boxes with red text below and the sums will be down for you and the graph will be updated automatically.

If you want to use it on a phone or tablet you need to double tap one of the red cells to get it to bring up the keyboard.


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