The Kochi Tourism Meghala Liaison Workers Union

imageThe Kochi Tourism Meghala Liaison Workers Union.  If you look at the top of the sign it says STU which usually means this is a larger union or union umbrella organisation the union is affiliated to.

From my digging the STU are the Swathanthra Thozhilali Union. Who they? Well from a bit of internet searching I’ve found this Kerala High Court decision on a case between the STU and the Kerala Headload Workers Board.

From one of my recent posts and the Kerala High Court decision linked to above you will see that the Headload Workers do loading and unloading jobs.


Indian National Trade Union Congress street sign

imageAnother steel pole proudly proclaiming trade unionism in Kerala.  This INTUC sign is for the Indian National Trade Union Congress which is the trade union wing of the National Congress political party.

It is one of many trade union umbrella organisations.

Cochin Thuramugha Thozhilali Union (CTTU)

imageThis one of the many upright metal poles with a trade union acronym that can be found dotted around Keralan streets.

This is for the CTTU – Cochin Thuramugha Thozhilali Union (CTTU).  Note the old spelling of “Cochin” – it is now spelled Kochi.

From the location of the sign (next to the harbour) and a rating of the logo (see close up below) I’m guessing this is a harbour workers union of some sort.


Head Load and General Workers union, Kerala

imageThis is a street shack / office for the Head Load and General Workers union. I found it as I was wandering around Jew Town, Mattancherry on Fort Kochi island.

I stopped for a quick chat with guy in the blue shirt. He explained that the union represents loaders and unloaders who work at the the local warehouses.

As I’ve mentioned in earlier posts India has several umbrella trade union organisations and this union is part of the AITUC – the All India Trade Union Congress who are affiliated to the Communist Party of India.

Below is a close up of the sign.


Harbour workers trade union sign in Kovalam

imageAnother trade union sign publicly and proudly on display on the street in Kerala.  I snapped this on the road leading to Lighthouse Beach in Kovalam.  The port of Vizhinjam is just down the road from Kovalam.

This is a union affiliated to the UTUC (United Trade Union Congress) one of the many umbrella trade union organisations.  The UTUC is linked to the Revolutionary Socialist Party.

Indian trade union signage on display at Ernakulam Town railway station

imageHere you see a trade union sign on display at platform 2 at Ernakulam Town railway station.  What is striking (excuse the pun) is that a large rail union sign is so visible on a railway platform.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen any similar large RMT or ASLEF signs in a UK railway station.

This sign is for a union affiliated to the INTUC – one of several trade union umbrella organisations there are in India.

And here is the sign close up.


Keralan sea based tug of war


Last week I was at a family wedding in Kochi in Kerala and I’ve used the opportunity of being away in India to get a few days at the beach in Kovalam.

The picture above is not a tug of war against some unseen sea based opponents; it is  actually local Keralan fishing folk dragging in the massive fishing nets that were put out to sea very early this morning. If you look carefully at the middle left of the picture you can see the other end of the net that another group of people are pulling on.

Later on today this catch will undoubtedly end up being served up at one of the many beach front restaurants in Kovalam.