This brought a tear to my eye today

At teatime today I did one of several live national TV interviews in Birmingham Grand Central shopping centre on UNISON’s reaction to the spending review.

As I was walking away a Pakistani man came to chat to me to ask who I was and what I’d done. I told him I was a union official and I’d been talking about the spending review.

He asked about my heritage and I told him my dad was Indian.  He was made up and said he was proud that someone of Asian heritage was speaking up for disadvantaged people.  He was absolutely made up about this and he shook my hand and his pride was so obvious.

I always feel privileged that I have a platform to speak up on behalf of UNISON members.  But the very human reaction from this man who felt people who looked like him had no voice really humbled me.

I’m not too proud to say that as I walked away I had a few tears in my eyes.


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