Data gathering for Fair Celebrations has started

Fair Celebrations bar chart 24-12-15

Following on from my initial blog post questioning whether or not there is a fair allocation of chocolates in a Celebration tub, the campaign for #FairCelebrations has started, and I’ve now for data from five tubs – but I need more data to get a statistically valid result.

A few quick summary points from the interim data which is in the bar chart above:

  • Average number of chocs in a tub is 82 but does vary from 81 to 84
  • There were more Mars Bars than any other choc in every tub so far
  • Galaxy, Galaxy Caramel and Twix consistently come out much lower, at less than half the number of Mars Bars

A couple of quick comments about the campaign for #FairCelebrations. The original blog post here has had over 1,800 page views so far, which is the highest for any page on this blog and very high for a niche vanity blog such as this.

I’ve had it reblogged by two bone fide professors of physics no less. Cosmologist Professor Peter Coles has reblogged it on his excellent In the Dark blog here. And atomic physicist Professor Philip Moriarty has reblogged it at his also excellent Symptoms of the Universe blog here. Interestingly Peter does the physics of the very large, and Philip does the physics of the very small.  And this humble citizen scientist is doing research of in the scale of the everyday.

Given such support from legitimate scientists like this, you should all want to take part in this vital research.

So, if you want to take part in do the following…

  1. Buy a tub of Celebrations
  2. Download the Word document that has the graph paper here. You will need need some scissors and tape to make the full continuous sheet. This whole step is optional but it will make things easier. Alternatively you could create a grid on the back of some wrapping paper. Or you can dispense with the grid completely.
  3. Empty the tub and count out each of the Celebrations.
  4. Then put them on the graph paper, but start on the left with the sweets that have the most and then move to the right in descending order. If you do it like this it makes the graph quicker an easier to read – check out the picture at the start of this post.
  5. Take a picture of it.
  6. The either tweet the picture or post it in the comments section below. When you tweet the picture please use the protocol below.
  7. Eat the tub of Celebrations
  8. Return to point 1 above and restart the whole process

The Twitter protocol…

When you tweet your picture please start it with “My #FairCelebrations data for @RaviSubbie” and then post your picture.


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