Geek insult

My favourite geek insult from British physicist Earnest Rutherford who said of a pompous British civil servant:

“He is like a Euclidean point: he has position without magnitude.”

Love it.


Gothic church


Went for a run in the snow yesterday and took a few photos along the way.  I was particularly pleased with this shot of the rear of Saint Michael’s the Archangel’s church in Halam.  A touch of post processing and there’s a real gothic feel to it.  Someone on social media remarked it looked like it could be a Black Sabbath album cover.

How many sweets in a Celebrations tub?

Before Christmas I blogged about whether we were being short changed in our Celebrations tubs. I asked for people to analyse their own Celebrations tubs so I could crowd source some data to establish if we were getting #FairCelebrations.

Despite the blog post getting over 2,200 hits (which is pretty amazing for a niche vanity blog like this) only 13 people sent me their data. This lack of sufficient data may well make the experiment invalid, but unlike those dodgy pharmaceutical firms who Ben Goldacre rightly slates for burying negative results, I’m not going to do that. I’m posting my results for all to see and because I believe in #OpenData you can download my data too.

Below is my summary of the average number of each type of chocolate in the 13 tubs sampled.

Celebrations Data ave per tub

No doubt that there are more Mars Bars than anything else and there are far too many of the not so nice Bounty bars. Definitely could do with more Teasers and also some more Twix.

A quick online survey could reveal the nation’s preferences and identify if we are indeed getting #FairCelebrations. An online survey of preferences might throw  up some oddities, such as people who actually like Bounty bars!

Obviously not every tub had exactly the same number of each so below I’ve done a histogram of the spread of each choc type.

Celebrations Data histogram

And if the above graph is too confusing with all the different coloured lines I’ve done a nifty interactive chart below, where you can just click on the green cell at the top that says “Snickers” and you’ll get a drop down menu and then you can select the frequency distribution for your preferred choc type.

If you want to download the whole spreadsheet click here and the online version of Excel will load up in your browser and you can save it to your hard drive from there.

Edited to add:

I’m still after more data to make my results more statistically significant so if you want to send more data see below.
So, to the crowd sourced Celebrations data…

  1. Buy a tub of Celebrations
  2. Download the Word document that has the graph paper here. You will need need some scissors and tape to make the full continuous sheet. This whole step is optional but it will make things easier. Alternatively you could create a grid on the back of some wrapping paper.
  3. Empty the tub and count out each of the Celebrations.
  4. Then put them on the graph paper, but start on the left with the sweets that have the most and then move to the right in descending order. If you do it like this it makes the graph quicker an easier to read – check out the picture at the start of this post.
  5. Take a picture of it.
  6. The either tweet the picture or post it in the comments section below. When you tweet the picture please use the protocol below.
  7. Eat the tub of Celebrations
  8. Return to point 1 above and restart the whole process