Interactive council cuts comparator

A few days ago I posted a graph of council cuts versus deprivation. I had a lot of interest in the graph with people asking me “where is council X on the graph and can I compare it to another council?”

So I’ve done a nifty little amendment to the graph to make it interactive so you can select two councils to compare. See below for a few of examples of comparisons between councils.

Birmingham v Oxfordshire (the county where the PM’s Whitney constituency is)
imageNottingham v Oxfordshire

If you want to choose two councils of your own to compare, you should download my spreadsheet and when you open it you will come to a page with two drop down boxes above the graph. Select your two councils and the graph will change to show the two selected councils. You can download my spreadsheet by clicking here.

Nerd note: In the past I have embedded Excel files in this blog using OneDrive. However the data validation drop boxes I used to select the two councils on the graph does not work on the online version of Excel. Hence I’ve had to settle for you downloading the Excel file. If data validation did work in the online version of Excel I would have gone for an embedded version of the spreadsheet.


3 thoughts on “Interactive council cuts comparator

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