Reputation of the opinion polls is restored

One group of people who were very keen to see the election results this week were the opinion pollsters. The significant money they make from political opinion polling depends upon them being accurate. After the 2015 general election they came under scrutiny and their accuracy and worth was under serious questioning.

Anthony Wells of YouGov runs his own blog and this post from him gives his assessment of the election results and the opinion polls. When he wrote the blog post the London results were not out, so his assessment was based only upon the results in Scotland, Wales and the English councils. He seems satisfied the polls called it broadly right. I agree.

The London mayoral election results are now in and were very close to the opinion polls. The last polls before the election called it 57% to 43% to Sadiq Khan and the was 56.8% to 43.3%.

There is now good evidence that the pollsters have made good progress to fixing the methodological flaws in that were exposed in the 2015 general election. So now the data is more reliable I will be restarting my poll of polls very soon.


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