Full-time trade union official for UNISON; amateur maths, physics and technology geek; and now retired soul/funk/jazz/hip-hop DJ. So you can perhaps, unsurprisingly, expect posts on trade unions, politics, maths, science, technology, data and music. And maybe a few other things too.

I also have a thing for good quality data analysis and data visualisation to uncover the truth about the world around us. So there will be data related posts that cover all the issues mentioned above.

To coin one of my favourite bureaucratic phrases, for the avoidance of doubt, the content on this blog is my responsibility and in no way represents the views of my union, my family, my friends or anyone else other than me, unless it is directly attributed to any of them.  If I post something of interesting or useful then consider it good luck on my part; if I get anything wrong then the fault is all mine.

The title of the blog comes from one of the (very many) wise things physicist and Noble Laureate, Richard Feynman, said:

“A very great deal more truth can become known than can be proven”

Which I guess sums up much of what may be on this blog; much of it will be truth as I see it, but little of it will actually be proven in any mathematical sense, as that is a very high bar to clear. But the aspiration is to get as close as possible.

If you want to follow me on Twitter my handle is @RaviSubbie


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