Statue at the National Space Centre in Leicester.




A study of a bike rack

Some shots the same but processed differently.  Some shots slightly different angles.

I quite like all of them but I think the last shot is my favourite.



Shapes snapped in the morning

Two sets of shapes caught my eye this morning as I walked to and from the gym and I managed to get a couple of quick snaps.

First up the green swoosh of the rails coming down from Snow Hill station car park.


Second the geometric patterns on the upper part of the House of Fraser building on Corporation Street.





Black and white corridor



I was at a meeting at a venue today where the corridors had lots of nice moody black and white photos on the wall, many of which had strong geometric patterns.

As I walked down a corridor with walls adorned with those photos I realised I could create my own moody black and white photo with strong geometric patterns.

So here you go.


Gothic church


Went for a run in the snow yesterday and took a few photos along the way.  I was particularly pleased with this shot of the rear of Saint Michael’s the Archangel’s church in Halam.  A touch of post processing and there’s a real gothic feel to it.  Someone on social media remarked it looked like it could be a Black Sabbath album cover.